Loved this weekender

Loved this weekender – learned new stuff and consolidated what I already knew. Always learning and improving…and Jody is such a perfect tutor, really got the best out of me, can’t wait until next time!

Michaela H

Friendly Class

I really looked forward to the class and it didn’t let me down. A really friendly class filled with loads of information.

Allen M


Really enjoyed the workshop, Jody knows all there is to know and explains it in a simple way!

Paul H


Enjoyable and lots of fun!

Sally H


A fabulous venue with a world class tutor (Jody Espina). Suitable for all abilities and covered a range of aspects related to playing the sax in an enjoyable way.

Hazel H


As a new player this was my first workshop and I was apprehensive to attend. Although its content and environment was testing for me it was immensely enjoyable. Overall excellent!

Pat M

Highly Recommended

As a relative newcomer to saxophone I was a little worried about whether I could keep up. I shouldn’t have worried, Jody was an excellent tutor and made the sessions well worthwhile. I would highly recommend you attend, it’s well worth it. Thank you AB Workshops.

Gene A


AB Workshops know how to deliver a great experience. Thanks for an informative and fun weekend.

Barrie F

Fantastic weekend away

Andrew works really hard on every course to make sure that each course member has the best experience. They are extremely well organised, educational with lots of course material and you get a real decent lunch if you have opted for the lunch option. The schedules are jam packed from start to finish but are also great fun with lots of laughs from course members and tutors, you certainly get value for money. I have so far attended 3 of the courses run by Andrew and am currently booked on another 2, it makes a fantastic weekend away.

Nikki B

Inspiring and Informative

The Jazz workshops hosted by AB Workshops are inspiring and informative. As well as the hard work (you do need to be prepared to work – they are WORKshops) – they are fun and inspiring. I always come away with a load of useful things to work on. They are always well organised, and Andy chooses speakers who are expert musicians, as well as expert teachers. 5 stars.

Chris S

A Lovely Fun 2 Days

I have just done the Andy Scott Saxophone Ensemble Workshop 2023. It’s all good! The course structure was well thought out. The pace was sufficiently stretching in that you get a lot out of it. We were given several new pieces of music to play and it was amazing how quickly Andy got a group of strangers playing so well together so quickly! One afternoon, we had the luxury of having a backing group – bass, drum, piano! That was great. If you wanted to, you could do a bit of improvisation with them! No pressure to but it was fun and in a safe environment! Great location, near good cafes etc. I stayed in a very comfy local air bnb, 6 minute walk away. A lovely fun 2 days, thank you.

Jean K

Well Structured Event

Very well organised and well structured event. Andy Scott was fantastic.

David G

Totally Inspired

So pleased that I have discovered AB workshops. Everyone else on the course had way more experience that me but it didn’t matter as I still learnt so much. Organisation both running up to event and during to weekend was excellent, venue was great (St Leonards Hotel, Ringwood). Andrew is extremely friendly and approachable. I was really stretched musically but have come away totally inspired. I have booked two further workshops and will be looking out for more. Thank you AB Workshops.

Maggie W

Very Good Value for Money

Andy gets some top players to lead the courses and there is always a nice relaxed atmosphere.  The day runs very well with coffee/tea and biscuits provided at the first break and then a very nice lunch after the second session.  There are two sessions in the afternoon with another break between.  Plenty of time to talk to the other players and also the professional who is leading the course.  I have always found these courses fun and have learned a lot from them.  It is nice to receive the music a couple of weeks before the course starts, so one can get a flavour of the pieces rather than have to go in cold.  Having a chance to improvise (on some courses) is also great fun. Very good value for money. A 5 star weekend – so give it a go!!

Tony W

Suitable for Various Levels

AB workshops are fun, interactive and suitable for various levels of experience. You get an opportunity to learn first hand from talented musicians, and Andy ensures a safe and friendly environment. Great fun way to spend a weekend!

Adriana C


I’ve found the AB Workshops to be an inspiring, informative and  fun way to explore & enjoy learning and playing Jazz with others with expert guidance and advice from master musicians.

Julia S

Friendly Atmosphere

Having wanted to attend a workshop in the past, I actually took the plunge and booked my first AB Workshop this year. I’m really pleased to say it was easy to book online, and Andrew answered all my email questions before the workshop really quickly and in a friendly way. The music was sent out to us a few weeks prior so we could make a start at getting a feel for the tunes, and when I arrived at the big band workshop to play my sax it was really well set up, with everything we needed musically being provided over the weekend.

I was really worried before I arrived if I’d be at the ‘right’ level or if I’d fit in, as I don’t have a musical qualification but do play in a sax band and didn’t know anyone on the workshop…I need not have worried as Andrew creates a really friendly atmosphere and everyone on the weekend just got along with each other through the love of music.

I enjoyed this experience so much that I have now booked up two further workshops for 2023 and have encouraged my musical friends to come too. I’m looking forward to many more AB Workshops in the future!

Michaela H

Thoroughly Recommended

It is not easy to organise a music course welcoming a wide range of age groups and abilities, much less to make that event both useful and fun. Andrew’s workshops do all this at a sensible price. The course tutors are not only talented musicians, but also have well established teaching credentials. I’d thoroughly recommend AB workshops for aspiring musicians of all levels.

Paul A

Perfect Learning

The AB workshops are perfect learning events for all ages and particularly adult players who often don’t have the opportunity to play regularly with ensembles or bands. The quality of teachers and performers will give a natural “high” as you leave wanting more.

Peter H

Experienced Tutors

Excellent very experienced tutors and friendly and supportive atmosphere. Always good fun whilst still being challenging whatever your level of ability.

Katrina P

Best Quality

I have been attending AB workshops and master classes for many years and will be attending more in the future. The Best Quality Educators together with well organised and structured courses these workshops have have provided me with real insights and lots of fun. Not to mention meeting some great people/students and professional musicians. They are a very valuable community resource at prices which are affordable. Keep up the good work!

Paul W

Always well organised

I have taken part in a number of these workshops and have thoroughly enjoyed them and come away having learnt lots. Always well organised and a friendly environment in which to explore new things. These workshops are suitable for all levels of player with extra encouragement given for those who are new to improvisation. Looking forward to the Pop Big Band workshop and a few already booked for next year. Great job Andy…. Keep organising them.

Cathy P

Brilliant Value!

AB Workshops are a massive highlight of the year. Andy organises some amazing teachers and professional musicians to share their knowledge.The atmosphere is always relaxed and friendly with lots of encouragement to improve playing and meet other players from round the country. The food is excellent and there is often the opportunity to try out new mouthpieces and reeds. These weekends are great fun and brilliant value for money.

Emma S


As a developing sax player, these Jazz workshops are amazing. I get so much out of them… Learning to improvise, improving my tone, learning from the best professional jazz musicians, and meeting and playing with fellow musicians. Apart from the experience of the workshop itself, I always come away inspired to practice harder. Thanks Andy, and keep them coming.

Chris S